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Wrought Iron Gates

wrought iron gates

What is Wrought Iron?

Wrought Iron should be applied only to iron that has been worked white hot; physical force (such as the smith’s hammer) is used to cause the metal to flow and be reshaped into the desired form. 

Much work that is termed “wrought iron” is simply “bent work,” that is, commercially available mild-steel bars, tubing, or strips that have been cut, heated, and bent -- or sometimes even worked cold. Separate elements are then joined via arc welding or mechanical fasteners. The purist metalsmith rejects the term “wrought iron” for this bent work because it has not received the hammering, stretching, twisting, and piercing that a top-grade piece of wrought iron is subjected to. And rather than arc welding, the elite metalsmith will go to the trouble of forge welding -- joining two pieces by heating them white hot, then fusing the elements into a single unit under the blows of a hammer. Through the use of such techniques as forged collars, piercing, and forge welding, the skilled metalsmith can assemble a grille or similar piece of ornamental ironwork without ever resorting to arc welding or bolts. True wrought iron can usually be distinguished by its sensuous patterns and curves -- and often the marks of the smith’s hammer are evident. Since wrought ironwork is forged by hand, small irregularities are usually apparent -- and valued as evidence of the smith’s craft.

From this description, it’s easy to see why true wrought iron is a relatively rare commodity today. The amount of skill, labor, and time required for it’s production makes it considerably more expensive than the “bent work” ornamental iron commonly found today. 

as published in Traditional Homes, July/Aug. 1997

At Perpetual Fencing and Gates, our suppliers of the wrought iron components are still following the traditional way to produce the components. With the long historic background in Italia, the design of our Wrought Iron Products shows you the sense of history and culture. They will bring you all the way back to 18th Centuries. If you want your house to be stylish and elegant as the old time, please give us a buzz and our professional team will satisfy your imagination for going back to old time.