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cantilever gates

Cantilever gates are gate systems that don’t need  for tracking along the length of the gate opening like sliding gates or overhead support rails. A cantilever gate is supported from rails that run along the inside of a fence structure. This is where it gets its name from – “cantilever” means “hangs over” the gate opening. They are suspended across the gate from the counterbalance, with no wheels on the ground. Because of this, cantilever gates provide no ground obstruction, making it a better choice for your ground situation. Generally, no part of a cantilever gate comes in contact with the ground directly, or indirectly with any type of wheels. A cantilever gate construction allows for overhanging structures without external bracing. A cantilever gate frame constructed properly should be able to withstand forces of gravity and wind. Diagonal bracing and trusses are strategically placed to help the gate from sagging.

Why You Should Install A Cantilever Gate

Cantilever gates are not dependent on lateral space requirements.

A cantilever gate design is supported from one end as it opens and closes, because of this the need for a track requirement is eliminated across the gate opening and can span widths of up to 10m. Since it slides along the fence line, it eliminates the lateral space requirement needed by swing gates. It will save the space for your driveway.

Cantilever gates have longer operational life.

With our professionally designed, fabricated, and installed cantilever gate, it will reduce friction when being used, it will prolong gate’s life extremely.

Cantilever gates are easier to operate since no part comes in contact directly or indirectly with the ground.

There will be no chance of operation error due to ground obstruction or weather causes because cantilever gates do not require ground tracks. As there are lots of small stone on the ground for 30 Queens rd, they may cause the gates stuck, when the stones are on the track. Even worse, the gate may run out of the track and cause accident to the vehicles or people.

Cantilever gates are quieter than traditional floor track systems.

Cantilever gates are found to be quieter than floor track systems because of the absence of wheels on the ground.